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underlaber is a factory based online products wholesalers.

Most of our products have no minimum order requirements, so you can shop retail products at wholesale prices! Wholesalers can shop big and get even larger discounts by contact us by [email protected] 

Since its founding, underlaber has been committed to offering the broadest selection of in-stock electronic components, as well as providing the best service possible to its customers, aiding engineers through the entire design process, from Prototype to Production. This has led the company to be highly ranked year after year in industry surveys, in North America as well as Europe and Asia, in categories covering such facets of business as availability of product, speed of service, responsiveness to problems, and more.

Our top rankings in so many categories prove we are customer-driven. Our service and support systems have been specifically designed to respond to the needs of our customers. These systems are continually reviewed and modified to respond to changes as we work to achieve the "ultimate" level of customer service.

underlaber is unique in many ways that translate into better service for you, our customers.

Authorized Distribution

    • underlaber is an authorized distributor of electronic components for more than 650 industry-leading suppliers. This means underlaber customers can rest assured that the product they order is authentic and comes to underlaber directly from the manufacturer.

    • In an effort to educate customers and significantly decrease the amount of counterfeit product on the market, underlaber gained membership in ECIA (Electronic Components Industry Association) in North America, ECSN (Electronic Component Supply Network) in the United Kingdom, and CEDA (China Electronics Distributor Alliance) in China.

Breadth of Product

    • At any given time, more than 1,000,000 products are in stock and ready to be shipped from underlaber's headquarters in China. That means there are no lead times for in-stock products.

    • Having so many products in stock in our expandable distribution space of more than 700,000 square feet (65,032 square meters) allows us to ship 99% of all orders the same day they are placed. On average, underlaber ships nearly 15,000 orders per day.


    • Whether you need assistance finding the right part or recommendations for your design, underlaber`s Customer Service, Applications Engineering, and Technical Support teams and resources are at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week via telephone, or e-mail.

    • underlaber's Production Business and Supply Chain Management services are available to help customers get their jobs done and get their products to market quickly and efficiently.

Content and services we offer on our website continue to rapidly evolve, and we are committed to providing you with full access to underlaber's products and services through the Internet.