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Support original base TV mode: a USB adapter is attached to the package to connect to the USB interface behind the base. Cforce bluetooth can be used in TV mode
Drive-free quick pairing, plug and play, one-click quick pairing.Windows 7 above system without drive

Product Name: audio bluetooth adapter
Product Model: CF020S
Transmission Distance: about 10 meters
Frequency Range: 2.402 gnz-2.480 GHZ
Bluetooth Version: V5.0
Supported Protocols: A2DP,HFP,SBC, fast-stream
Input Voltage: 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V
Output Current: 3A Max
Support: power role reversal
Support: full standard power supply configuration
Support: USB PD specification version 2.0
Usage steps:
1. Open the bluetooth headset and enter the state to be paired
2. Connect the product to the charging port, long press the product pairing button for 2 seconds, the indicator light flashes alternately white and blue, and automatically connect the headset
3. If the connection is successful, the status indicator light of the product will flash in the corresponding connection mode:
SBC code: blue light flashes slowly
Low delay: the white indicator light is always on
Fast Stream: the blue light is always on
4. When the indicator light completes the above situation, the connection is completed. Repeat the above actions according to the button to complete the pairing of the second pair of headphones

Package Included:
1 x Audio bluetooth Adapter

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