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Electrical parameters:
1. Input voltage: DC5V
2. Input current: >=2.0A
3. DOCK1/DOCK2 output current: 1A
4. Output power: 3W*2 (RMS)
5. Distortion: <1%6
6. Signal ratio: > 50dB

1. Applicable for N-Switch., iPhone, iPad 4/ iPad Air/ iPad Air2/ iPad mini/ iPad mini2 and other devices.
2. Micro USB supports GALAXY Note2, GALAXY Note3 audio playback, other brands of mobile phones only provide charging.
3. Type-C plugs currently only have a charging function.
4. With 3.5mm LINE IN port, support other external audio equipment (such as MP3/MP4, etc.).

Product acessories:
1. USB charging cable X1, 3.5mmLINE IN cable X1, LIHTNING TO USB plug X3, TYPE-C plug X1, Micro USB plug X1

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