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1. Support for Flashplay Wi-Fi mode, with key mapping built into the controller. Android phones are free of activation.
2. Equipped with a six-axis gyroscope for precise micro-operation.
3. Rich macro functions, easy to achieve great God operation with one click.
4. ZC button to meet more control needs.
5. Compatible with iOS or Android phones with a thickness of 9.2mm and a screen of 3.5-6.3 inches.
6. Keep the Gigabit extension interface, you can connect keyboard and mouse to control mobile games.
7. Long-lasting battery life, about 80 hours of play on one charge
8. Small and portable.

Product parameters:
1. Applicable mobile phones: iPhone 5s and above, iPad 5 and above series, and IOS version no less than 9.0; Android phones and tablets with Bluetooth 4.0, and no less than 6.0 version of Android.
2. Stretchable size: 75-165mm.
3. Connection method: Bluetooth 4.0 connection.
4. Life time: about 80 hours.
5. Battery capacity: 300mAh lithium battery.
6. Working current: less than or equal to 2.5mA.
7. Standby current: less than or equal to 4 microamps.
8. Charging input: 5V-100mA.
9. Charging time: about 3-4 hours.

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